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IndyPL_JoannaC rated a title Jun 14 2019
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"If you remember 80s contemporary country radio, this album would fit right in. Which is to say, it doesn't quite hold up to more traditional country music, but it far surpasses most country music written today. In fact, it might fit a little too..." Permalink
IndyPL_JoannaC created a list May 16 2019
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"Some serious, some humorous, each provides insight into a person, an event, a place, or an aspect of human experience."
IndyPL_JoannaC rated a title Mar 25 2019
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IndyPL_JoannaC made a comment Mar 25 2019
"Not to be confused with the British pop band "The Vamps," this Japanese hard rock/metal band really deserves to be a household name. It's unfortunate they're virtually unknown in the US, despite several world tours. "Underworld&qu..." Permalink
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