I always like CJ Box's series with Joe Pickett, but this one felt a bit rushed, formulaic and not quite up to the level of other books in the series. I hope this isn't the one that jumped the shark. Hopefully the series will get back to more character development. With a long series it can be hard to jump into but I really didn't want the first 1/4 of the book to be a general recap of the earlier books in the series.

I'm always curious to see what topical issues make it into the plot. Here we have witness protection, Mexican cartels, fentanyl, drones harassing animals in the wilderness, and the thorny issue of reintroducing wolves. That is a lot but maybe focusing on just a few would have been better...or expounding more on some of the topics.

I would really like to see a stand alone series with Nate Romanowski. It would be a departure, but would allow for something different. For that matter, aside from mentioning some people in the family we don't know what they are really doing now. Too bad, they were colorful and this could use a little more color and less carnage.

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