Can you imagine a dog being “embedded” with computer technology to give it extra intelligence? Well, meet “Chipper”!
Scientists at “The Institute” have outfitted Chipper and a number of other dogs with state-of-the-art computer technology in a top-secret, illegal experiment. But the experiment with Chipper hasn’t worked satisfactorily. Realizing that he is about to be “destroyed”, Chipper manages to escape the facility and the city, finally reaching a lakeside cabin resort.
Unfortunately, he is pursued by a ruthless Institute official, “Daggert”, who is determined to put an end to poor Chipper.
Twelve-year-old Jeff Conway, who misses his recently-deceased parents desperately, lives at the lakeside cabin resort and works hard for his aunt (the owner) there. When he finds Chipper, he and his friend Emily care for the friendly black and white dog. They soon discover the computer port in Chipper’s collar.
Meanwhile Daggert tracks the dog to the resort … with devastating results.
As the first book in a new thriller series for kids by author Linley Barclay, “Chase” is a thoroughly successful, engaging start. Readers, who may notice some similarities to Gordon Korman’s “On the Run”, will definitely be cheering for Chipper, Jeff and Emily!
** Recommended for ages 9 to 12 years.
** Reviewed by Sally Hengeveld, librarian, Stratford Public Library.

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