I can't say that I was thrilled that the first half of the book was trials. Law and order was never my thing.... But Matharu made them interesting enough and moved through them. And I suppose I should have expected as much with the title being "the Inquisition".

Honestly, and I hate to say this about Matharu's work but it doesn't seem to me like there is much character development. While reading I wasn't able to bind with any of the characters. Sure, I cared about what they were doing and why but I didn't get an attachment to any of them.

With that fact, it made.... Dramatic things that should have crushed my soul just... Sad things. I didn't have any major heartbreaks (which I should have with the happenings of the book) and yes some things were a surprise but since I am having a hard time latching onto the characters it didn't do much for me.

It was a big t wordy for me. It seemed that the description went on and on.... With that said, it didn't take too much from the story. It was intriguing and compelled you to keep reading.

With that being said, the story... the plot line Martharu stays true to it and it is indeed a terrific story. It took great turns and still compelled you forward to find out what's going to happen. So I was happy enough with it.

On to number three.

lgmosher's rating:
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