A Woman of No Importance
A Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win WWII By Purnell, Sonia Book - 2019

The subject of this book is a remarkable person, indeed. Virginia Hall is a name that should be learned for anyone studying WWII and the spy world. She accomplished truly amazing guerilla warfare in an occupied area. Her model of resistance became a basis for both CIA and Special Forces tactics. But the person, Virginia Hall, is more than what she did and that is not well conveyed.

The author had little to go by in Virginia's own words, either in letters or interviews. The author's painstaking research is evident in establishing verismilitude, but it suffers from the lack of insight in Virginia Hall's moods. I am not an inveterate reader of biographies and the litany of events and individuals became a bit of a slog.

But props to the reviewer who taught me a new word - hagiographic.

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