A love story that started in the 1960s, that went largely unnoticed until an elderly gentleman brought it back to the attention of those involved years ago. Throw in the mixes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's whirlwind love affair, it makes Dee's story so much more complicated and mixed.

The setting is beautiful, in a fairly unknown and forgotten little island village, this is where Dee came to hide from the world when she thought she was "dying", and stays at Pasquale's place. The little village and the people who use to live there and still reside there were interesting and an unusual mix.

While the setting is somewhat memorable, the characters themselves aren't. It was fairly easy to forget them and some were hard to connect beyond what was written. The Donner storyline, with the assistant and guy pitching the story are very forgettable and seems pointless to have in the book, could have done without them and their side story.

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